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Rob is the Vice President of Content for Hagerty Insurance Company and is the Publisher of Hagerty Classic Cars magazine. Rob is also a regular contributor to the New York Times and Auto Week magazine and has written for Car and Driver, Classic and Sports Car and Sports Car Market magazine. He is the author of the book "Ran When Parked." He currently owns a 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS and a 1973 Jensen Interceptor.

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Jeff Zurschmeide is an automotive journalist and author from Portland, Oregon. He’s the Editor in Chief of Maximum Drive magazine, automotive reviewer for The Oregonian newspaper, and he’s the author of 8 books on a wide variety of automotive topics - and he’s working on his 9th book.

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Dennis Hoyt’s artistic focus and drive are grounded in the “Trompe l’oeuil” (loy) concept.  For over 30 years his definition of ‘art’ has been at odds with the conventional.   His sculptures are both free standing and wall mounted and depict an automotive theme of motion and color.  His sculptures are constructed of hand carved wood that focused on abstract presentations of formal shapes.  These pieces developed into large-scale works using wood as the primary medium.  The techniques he developed have brought him international acclaim.  His work has garnered over 60 articles and many awards including the Peter Helck Award, 5 Athena Awards of Excellence, The Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance 'Most Elegant Artwork Award, and he was the 1st recipient of the Raymond E. Holland award for Vision and Creativity.  Today Dennis tends to focus more on how much he can ‘push the envelope.

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Martin Rudow, President of Rudow Specialty Publishing, publishes Vintage Drift magazine for SOVREN, the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most active vintage racing club, along with other monthly and annual publications. His two regional sports car racing history books, Weekends of Glory and Long Straights and Hairpin Turns, have received national and international recognition.  A second edition of Long Straights has just been published as Vee-Lines, a reprint of the fascinating long-lost newsletters published about Formula Vee racing in the 1960s and early 70s.  Born in Seattle, Martin attended numerous regional sports car races in the latter half of the fifties and first half of the sixties when his father was active as a racer and club official. He has spent over forty years in the publishing industry and is also an internationally recognized track and field coach and official.

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Cam Ingram is an owner at Road Scholars with locations on the East and West coasts.  There he oversees the acquisition, selling, and restoration of historically significant and collectible automobiles, with a focus on Porsche automobiles.  They service clients all over the United States and are known for having cars at the top 1% of the market.  Cam comes from a family of Porsche enthusiast and his expertise in the marque is unsurpassed.  He recently published a fantastic book about Porsche titled Porsche Unexpected;  Discoveries in Collecting.  It is a wonderful book that he collaborated on with Michael Furman and Randy Leffingwell. I have a copy in my library and I highly recommend it for all automotive enthusiasts and it makes a perfect life time gift for the motorhead in your life.

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Dwight Knowlton is the founder of 73ideas. It's a boutique agency of sorts, drawing on more than a decade of his experience working with small to mid size businesses and numerous Fortune 500 brands. Dwight’s been a part of growing some startups into international competitors and was recently part of a tech startup that enjoyed a successful exit – selling to a leading investment bank. Now he’s seeking to live his passion.  Dwight’s a car guy and has a dual overhead cam where his heart should be. He founded 73ideas, an award winning design and branding firm specializing only in automotive related work. I found Dwight because of a wonderful book he wrote, designed, and illustrated… The Little Red Racing Car. It’s an award winning father and son picture book story about a 1955 Maserati 300S. It's steeped in automotive heritage and features Sir Stirling Moss. His second book will be out later this year and is in collaboration with Sir Stirling – telling the story of his record-crushing win of the 1955 Mille Miglia. Dwight’s tag line? Carpe Viam!

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Steve Walker is an artist, and a former Resident Artist for the City of Seattle.  He draws, paints, creates sculptures, illustrates for magazines and children’s books and he’s done some writing as well.  He also penned a cartoon strip for National Lampoon.   And he builds cars. Very, very unique cars. He’s been featured on the TV show Monster Garage and the Vintage Vehicle Show.  The cars Steve builds are not restoration but his own creations using a vocabulary of recognizable shapes inspired by the racing vehicles I admired as a kid in the 50's.   His current studio is called "Close Enough Engineering", where he works with his buddy Kim Hall.  They started out building prototypes and proof-of-concept models for engineering companies and inventors and now they build oversized artworks for casinos, shipping work to Vegas, Detroit, D.C., Austria, Canada, China, and Dubai.  You can see examples of their art at their website:  You won’t believe your eyes.

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Barry Meguiar represents the third generation of the company his grandfather founded in 1901.  For Barry, working at Meguiar's started when he was in grade school.  Over the years Barry worked in various areas of the business but it was his vision to take their car care products to the consumer marketplace that got things revved up.  In 1973 the first consumer product, Meguiar’s Liquid Cleaner Wax was launched.  The rest is history and today the average retailer showcased 40 to 50 separate Meguiar's products on its shelves.  Meguiar's "men in black" can be found at almost every major car show across the country, and around the world, each and every weekend.  Then in the mid 90s Barry created Car Crazy Radio and Television to unite and mobilize car guys everywhere.  Car Crazy TV is now viewed globally via the Internet and broadcast television.  

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Andrew Evans is an up and coming 16 year old race car driver.  He is in the driver development program of PR1 Motorsports, which has won over 45 championships, including the 2013 ALMS Driver’s Championship.  Andrew started racing karts when he was 8 years old and by 12 he had moved up to shifter karts. By the time he was 14 Andrew reached the top levels of the national karting scene.  In 2013, at the age of 15, he had an impressive debut season of Formula F1600 car racing with the Lynx Racing team.  He then moved up to the F2000 category with PR1 for 2014 and is currently leading the Pacific Formula F2000 Championship Series.   He recently broke the SCCA track record in the Formula Continental category at the Laguna Seca Raceway, where he will soon be competing for the SCCA National Championship.  In addition to his on-track efforts, Andrew focuses on marketing and public relations, which has led him into a variety of community activities, as well as web page construction and other social media platforms. Andrew holds the title of my youngest guest here on Cars Yeah.


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Part Two of a two-part interview.  Where do I begin when introducing an iconic legend in the automotive world?  Peter Brock is a designer, a racer, an award-winning author, a speaker, and a photographer.  He was the youngest designer to be hired by General Motors in 1957 and sketched what became the first Corvette Sting Ray.  In 1961 Peter became Carroll Shelby’s first employee and designed the iconic Daytona Coupe that won the World Championship in 1965.  There were other cars he designed while with Shelby he worked on the iconic Shelby GT350 Mustang.  His Brock Racing Enterprises, the BRE team with Datsun, is legendary and won title after title.  In 1973 he founded Ultralight Products that became the largest hang gliding company in the world and they won numerous championships and set records in hang gliding.  Today along side his wife Gayle and their talented team, Peter continues to push BRE in to new adventures and products including his unique Aerovault Trailer and the brand new YouTube series - Peter Brock’s World.

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