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Yahn Janou is a fine artist who lives in Paris, France. He graduated in 1992 from Art Center College of Design with a degree in automobile design. Since 1993 he paints exclusively racing cars and racing scenes aiming to capture the excitement of the pits, qualifying and to convey the exuberance of teams and the intensity of the connection between man and machine. His paintings portray power, speed, technology, elegance, and the unique. He exhibits throughout Europe and the United states and has created posters for racing venues including The 24 Hours of Le mans as well as works for major automobile manufacturers.

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Toto Lassally is the CEO of Speedcom Communications, established in 1996, with offices in Florida and Spain. They are one of the worlds most recognized names in communications equipment for the motorsports industry. They provide racers and teams with state of the art products and accessories. In 2005 Speedcom became the official communications equipment supplier to Grand Am and today they also supply the Creventic International 24 Hours series. Toto is an active racer and holds many victories including the 24 Hours of Dubai and Barcelona and multiple podium finishes around the world. His latest venture with veteran racer Juan Carlos Leroux, is Roux Helmets with their innovative proprietary designs for comfort and safety.

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David Snyder is a fine artist who started drawing cars, airplanes, and trains at the age of six. He graduated from the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio and had a successful career in advertising as a designer, art director, and illustrator. His drawings and paintings portray memories of growing up with cars from the 50s through the American muscle car era. He’s known for his fine details of the periods he paints down to the signage, oil cans, and garage bays. He has self-published over 120 limited edition prints and his work has earned him numerous awards and hangs in prestigious private and corporate collections.

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Michael Stahlschmidt is the founder and current lead partner at Sideline Sports Photography. His work as a sports photographer has him traveling over 300 days per year, through over 15 countries and 35 plus states. Michael has covered racing series including Formula One, DTM, IMSA, WEC and Pirelli World Challenge. Sideline Sports Photography’s semi truck based mobile production and display vehicles debuted in 2001 and created the niche of onsite production, display and sales of imagery. He shoots for major corporations including Audi, Mazda, Momo, Spyder, Sonic Tools, and others, in addition to supplying Automobile, Motor Trend and Road & Track magazines.   Michael has worked as an official White House Press photographer and he is also the Official Photographer for the US Nationals and Olympic Soccer Teams Players Association, having photographed the last nine World Cups and past five Olympic games. In 2016, Michael will cover the entire IMSA calendar, as well as the 2016 Rio Olympic games.

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Tim Howe is the inventor and owner of Tire Wedgee. It’s an innovative solution to a nagging challenge for anyone who has ever washed their vehicle. Form follows function in the simplicity of his design of a product that stops your water hose from getting stuck under a tire while you are cleaning your vehicle. Tim designed this new product and is bringing it to market to help car lovers like you and me by making the washing and detailing experience much more fun.

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Winston Goodfellow is an award-winning automotive writer and photographer. Over the past twenty years his words and photos have been seen in more than 60 publications on several continents, and he has authored 14 books and private commission monographs. His last book, the critically acclaimed Ferrari Hypercars, was voted 2014's "Book of the Year" at the 24th annual International Automotive Media Competition. Winston has been a Chief Class Judge or Class Judge at many of the world's top concours including Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este in Italy. He has also advised numerous automotive collectors on the purchase or selling of their cars, and provided guidance on their collections.

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Egidio Reali is the Founder of MR Collection Models, located in Gerenzano, Italy near Lake Como. He started the company in 1988 at the age of 22. They produce exquisite hand built model cars in 1:43 and 1:18 scales. Their models are prized by collectors around the world and they have participated in the launch of new models by Lamborghini and Ferrari. Their brand has become a cult name among model car fans and they hold license agreement with the most prestigious automotive manufacturer around the world. His models are made facing the same ciritcal issues that major automotive groups face, just at a different scale.

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Baer Connard is the owner of ACE Performance a Massachusetts based Ariel Atom dealer and European car performance and service facility. Advanced Concepts Engineering, known as ACE Performance began as a vision to push the envelope in design and maintenance of unique, performance-oriented cars. They help owners of race cars, tuner cars, and daily drivers perform better, go faster, and be safer. In 2016 ACE Performance will join forces with Thompson Motor Speedway to run a North East Spec Race Atom series combining his passion and business selling and servicing the unique Ariel Atom car on the race track.

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Marty Fiolka is the President of The Rennsport Group PR and Marketing agency that he founded in 1995. His clients include Nissan, Infinite, Exxon, and Mitsubishi, to name just a few. He is the authoritative off-road racing historian, industry spokesperson, and author. He was inducted in to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2014. Marty’s a seasoned off-road racer and has competed in many desert and short-course events, including 15 Baja 1000s. Marty just completed a new documentary film titled Baja Social Club and he just published a 532 page history book on McMillin Racing entitled Big Blue M the McMillin Racing Story.

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Rhonda Cahill works with her husband Scott at Expedition Overland, an adventure travel show that is sponsored by Toyota and General Tire. She competes and navigates with teammate Rachelle Croft in the Rallye Aiche des Gazelles in Morocco. Her racing team, Xelles Racing, competes in the longest, most difficult, all female off-road rally in the world. She races to bring awareness to sexual abuse with a mission to inspire women around the world with one simple message:  "You Are Loved." 

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