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Daniel Boyer is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Vanderhall Motor Works in Provo, Utah. Obsessed with things that go vroom from early childhood, Daniel put himself through college selling Dodge and Chevy vehicles. A chance meeting with Steve Hall, the President of Vanderhall, allowed him to combine his talents for sales and marketing with his passion for automobiles. Vanderhall are hand-built, three-wheel, Autocycles that feature a hand-laid carbon fiber body and a mono-aluminum chassis. They are powered by a 1.4 liter, four cylinder engine that is mated to a six speed automatic transmission. You can order your exciting Vanderhall Autocycle in a variety of models and colors.

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Mikael Lindberg is an artist, designer, and the Lead Designer at Koenigsegg Automotive in Sweden. Koenigsegg was founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg with a goal to produce performance focuses, fighter jet inspired sports cars that enhance vehicle performance. Mikael was raised in a home inspired by design and his late father was a famous goldsmith who created Faberge eggs and exclusive jewelry. He’s been involved in automotive design including wheels, sports cars, racing cars, street cars and trucks, busses, diggers, boats, trains and even medical equipment. He’s touched brands including Volvo, Saab, MG-Rover, Scania, Renault, and Koenigsegg.

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Tom Ford, known to his buddies and fans as Wookie, is the Associate Editor of BBC’s Top Gear Magazine and he’s one of the three hosts on the new BBC Top Gear America TV show debuting on July 30. He is formerly the Road Test Editor of CAR Magazine, and writes, presents, and produces for various forms of television, magazines, and newspapers, most of which are automotive focused. From Channel 5’s Fifth Gear to BBC America’s Mud, Sweat and Gears and BBC’s Brit’s MotorHeads, Wookie is one of those entrepreneurs who despite a lack of sleep, is inordinately happy about everything. You’ll usually find Wookie somewhere in the world, in a supercar, trying to keep it under control and trying stop things from exploding with his co-hosts Bill Fichtner and Antron Brown.

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John Saccameno owns Sport & Specialty where he and his team are dedicated to preserving the art and fun of vintage sports cars with an emphasis on driving. They specialize in Austin Healey and Jaguar cars and have vast experience in many marques including most British cars, Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and early Lotus vehicles. They perform all levels of work from service, simple repairs, ongoing maintenance, to full restorations, and vintage racing preparation. John is a life long car guy and after a successful career in sales and marketing he purchased Sport & Specialty in 2012 and has built it in to a thriving success wrapping his life long passion in to a way of life with a lot of fun along the journey.

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Bruce Dietzen is the CEO, Designer, and Founder of Renew Sports Cars in Key West, Florida and he’s the Chief Innovation Officer of Vexen Motors. Both companies are on a mission to create carbon negative vehicles or vehicles which actually reduce the Greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. He is a former National Sale Manager and Acquisitions Manager at Dell Computer. Today, Bruce advocates Cannabis Hemp to help save the planet by using it to make products and energy. He designed and built an automobile called the Renew and the body of the car is made of cannabis hemp.

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John Draneas is an attorney at Draneas & Huglin in Lake Oswego, Oregon. His practice focuses on business and tax planning, primarily for closely-held businesses and their owners with an emphasis in all areas of federal and state income taxation, estate planning, tax controversies, and he represents car collectors as an important part of his practice. Automotive enthusiasts will recognize John from his writing in Sports Car Market magazine’s Legal Files where he has contributed for over 10 years. He raced SCCA in the Spec Racer Ford class and won a region championship in 2013. John’s one of the founder so f Friends of PIR, a non-profit which supports the Portland International Raceway. He is the organizer of the Oregon Festival of Cars, an event he’s been involved with for over 20 years and he’s the past President of the Oregon Porsche Club region.

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Tim Lea is the owner of Tim Lea Restoration in North Andover, Massachusetts. Tim’s passion for cars, engines, and anything that rolls on rubber goes back to his childhood. He and his team perform a full line of services for restoring your classic cars including: complete restorations, interiors, engine rebuilding, buyer inspections, car locating, maintenance, and more. With a focus on 1965 to 1970 Shelby Mustangs Tim’s shop is ASE Certified having worked on Mustangs since 1974. He has over 40 years of experience including judging credentials and is an SAAC concours judge, a MCA concours judge, and a Mid America head judge.

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Francesco Aglietti is a Composites Design Engineer with McLaren Racing in Surrey, England. He’s been part of the team for over six years. He pursued engineering in college and after joining an exchange program with Cornell University he got involved with Formula SAE and was able to work on a race car. He was offered an internship with Dallara Racing working on GP2 cars and that experience lead to joining Toro Rosso in Italy, working as a Junior Designer on their F1 Team. Francesco then migrated to Design Engineering where he worked with composites and that opened the door to McLaren.

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Dusan Djordjevic is an automotive artist and graphic designer who lives in Belgrade, Serbia. At 21 years of age he’s the youngest artist that I’ve had as a guest here on Cars yeah. A fan of the great masters, including Vermeer, Van Eyck, and others he started drawing VW Beetles and Porsches and began creating a following of automotive art fans. Most of his work is on commission and you can find his art in automotive magazines and on social media sites around the globe. He designs and produces a line of shirts with his art adorning them and today Dusan has created over 120 commissioned works of automotive art for clients throughout the world. I found him on Instagram and being a fan of German cars, I admire his art greatly.

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Tod Mesirow is the owner of Robot Body Inc. He has worked on many of televisions top automotive shows throughout his career. It all started when he was asked to film Phil Hill driving a Ferrari 330 TRI/LM for RM Auctions. He was on Monster Garage for the last 54 of their 86 episodes. He produced “the lost pilot” of Top Gear, hosted by Adam Carolla. He worked on Overhaulin’, the Ultimate Car Build Off, Mytbusters, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, and Richard Hammond’s Crash course. Today he talks about cars on the Los Angeles NPR member station KCRW. Tod is executive producing Season 14 of the Velocity/Discovery International hit series Wheeler Dealer with past Cars Yeah guest Mike Brewer. Tod is also a contributing writer on The Review Garage website where they rate the best and worst in cars, trucks, motorcycles, tools, and accessories.

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