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Kenny Haük is the owner and founder of River Raider Off Road and Haük Designs. It all started in his parent’s garage in 2007 and quickly grew. Kenny focused his time designing and building quality products for the Jeep market. Then in 2010 Haük Designs was formed and it’s there that Kenny and his talented team design, build, and offer unique and high quality parts and accessories for Jeeps. They also build the finest turn-key off road 4X4 vehicles available. The Haük designed River Raider ST Truck set a new standard. Then followed the LS powered Dune Raider.

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Ray Shaffer is the manager of the Classic and Delivery Center at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia. This 27.4 acre complex is a reflection of Porsches past, present, and future. The facility includes a Human Performance training facility, business center, meeting areas, the Driving Simulator Center, Classic Workshop, and an exclusive fine dining restaurant. In the Heritage Center and Classic Gallery Ray manages an environment for guests to experience the evolution of the Porsche brand with changing displays of artifacts and iconic classic vehicles, from production models, classics, and motorsport collections. Ray's spent a large amount of time behind the wheel of a race car as well in the Motorola and Grand Am Cups, HSR, and Grand Am GT.

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Dan Davis is the Publisher and Editor at Victory Lane magazine in Palo Alto, California. Victory Lane is a monthly news and feature publication with the focus on vintage auto racing. The articles cover vintage racing events, vintage rallying, automotive collecting, and focus on individuals, their racecars, drivers, and teams. Dan also includes a classified section where there are vintage racecars and collector cars for sale. The magazine is also a go-to source for upcoming events, resources, parts, and services.

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Ryan Brutt is The Automotive Archaeologist. Ryan shares his expeditions across the Mid-West looking for automotive and motorcycle barn finds. His goal is to inspire fellow automotive enthusiasts to go out and see the world around them and visit junkyards and old barns for great old vehicles. His passion runs so deep that he’s written a book about his travels and finds titled Amazing Barn Finds And Roadside Relics, published by Motorbooks, Zenith Press.

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Frank Adeli is the founder and owner of Exclusive Option. Starting from an obsessive dilemma of how to skillfully modify the exterior and especially the interior of his personal 911 in an uprated OEM+ manner, he found great difficulty in sourcing rare and exclusive interior parts, so he decided to create them himself. At Exclusive Option he has created a team that specializes in the production of extremely high quality factory style leather and alcantara options for late model Porsches. There Frank manages and designs the production of these bespoke interior components, with dreams of becoming a full-scale supplier for other brands and eventually a renowned coachbuilder in the automotive industry.

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Dr. Andrew Feustel is a NASA Astronaut and Mission Specialist whose passion early in life to wrench on cars came full circle when he flew in to space on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis. He spent 13 days in space improving the Hubble Space Telescope’s observatory’s capabilities, removing frozen bolts, stripped screws, and stuck handrails. Then he flew on Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final mission to the International Space Station. Andrew served as the lead space walker on that trip delivering the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a cosmic ray particle physics detector that examines fundamental issues about matter and the origin and structure of the universe. And a few stats for you; Drew is the 473 person to go in to space and he’s the 473 guest here on Cars Yeah!

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Scot Elkins is the Chief Operating Officer for the non-profit Motorsports Safety Foundation (MSF). In addition to his role with MSF, Scot is a Race Director for the prestigious Mazda Road to Indy which is the development series for IndyCar. Scot is also a Steward for IndyCar while simultaneously owning TEG Motorsports Consulting, which is a company providing logistical, operational and engineering services to motorsports and automotive companies. Scot’s past includes work with IMSA, the Champ Car World Series, NASCAR, the Indy Racing League, the Atlantic Championship Series, and the Skip Barber Race Series. He is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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Dave & Steve Schardt own and operate Forgeline Motorsports in Dayton, Ohio, a company that was founded in 1994. Steve is the Founder and Sales Manager and Dave is the President. It's there that these two brothers and a talented team manufacture the world’s finest custom made-to-order lightweight forged aluminum, street and racing performance wheels. For over 20 years Steve and David have applied their racing experience and passion for motorsports to meet their customers demands for quality products. Through high tech engineering, superior design, and unparalleled manufacturing, Forgeline provides quality, strength, safety, and durability. Both brothers are also life long motorsports enthusiasts who have raced since the 90s.

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Ron Fellows is recognized as one of North America’s most versatile and successful road racing drivers; winning races and championships from NASCAR to long distance sports car events. He is Co-Owner at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and partner at Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. As a charter member of Corvette Racing, Ron was part of the historic first victories for the iconic marque in 2001 at the Rolex 24 at Daytona the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring in 2002. He has a 21-year relationship with GM’s racing division and in 2007 Chevrolet introduced the Limited Edition Ron Fellows ALMS GT1 Champion Corvette Z06. He was inducted in to the Corvette Hall of Fame in 2011 and in 2013 Ron was inducted in to the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fam

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Christian Messina Hembry laid the foundation for MessinaClassics in 2011 located in Stuttgart, Germany. He started with a focus on vintage Vespas which quickly grew in to all marques of collectible automobiles. He provides a platform where buyers and sellers can rely on his expertise, integrity, and attention to detail, whether selling one vehicle or your entire collection. His relationship with automotive collectors continues to grow and you’ll find classic cars at MessinaClassics ranging from Fiat, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lancia, and many more.

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