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andy Nonnenberg is co-founder and content curator of  A website that brings us automotive enthusiasts a daily dose of automobiles that are available for sale from around the world.  It’s like having your own personal assistant who scouts out all the cool cars and trucks for sale so you don’t have to.  Bring a Trailer reaches all kinds of enthusiasts from grassroots folks to high-end collectors like Jay Leno, Bruce Meyers and Goodwood’s Lord March, all of whom have purchased cars from Bring a  A lifelong car guy, Randy brings us all our daily dose of fun and inspiration.

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Donald Osborne is an automotive consultant, historian, Accredited Senior Appraiser and a member of the American Society of Appraisers.  He is the Principal of Automotive Valuation Services and advises on collection building, vehicle acquisition, and sales.  He travels extensively in the U.S. and Europe, attending major events, rallies, and auctions.  He has appeared as Co-host of the nationally-broadcast TV show “What’s My Car Worth” and has judged at major concours events including Amelia Island Concours and many others.  Donald is a Contributing Editor and Auction Analyst for Sports Car Market magazine and has written for many  publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Road & Track magazine.  He is an active participant on many seminar panels and symposia.  Donald is a quintessential car guy who loves sharing his automotive knowledge with other enthusiasts.

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Tony Singer is the owner of Vintage Auto  His is a unique company that sells authentic, original automotive art from the past.  Tony’s been involved in painting and design since he was a kid and he ran a printing business for over 20 years, all the while collecting sports cars and related memorabilia.  In 1980 he started his second business, Spyder Enterprises where he bought and sold vintage automotive posters and Tony soon gained a reputation for being the premier source for original vintage automotive posters world-wide.  He’s particularly fond of 356 Porsches and has owned one since 1971.  Tony started Automobilia Monterey, an international expo of automotive dealers that is a permanent part of the Pebble Beach Concours and Vintage Race week in August.

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Tim Morris is the owner of German Master Tech in Bend Oregon. They provide automotive maintenance, service and a performance center in addition to full restorations, motorsports services and pre-purchase inspections. Their shop is filled with marques including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley Me, Austin Healey, Volkswagen, Audi along with Japanese and US brands as well. Their motto, “From the race track to the outback and everything in-between is fitting for the high quality work and service Tim and his team provides.

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Peter Bourassa is the president of MMR, Motorsports Marketing  MMR is an on line services directory of information and entertainment for enthusiasts of European cars and motorcycles.  Along with their extensive list of automotive related resources MMR offers a weekly newsletter filled with all thing automotive including My Word: by the famous Denise McCluggage.  Peter is the publisher and a die hard car guy.

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Andy Collins is the President of Armadillo Racing. His company was established in 1983 when Andy plunked down $35 of hard earned cash to become a dealer selling AMSOIL synthetic oil to fellow racers in the Pacific Northwest. The business grew and today you’ll find Andy and his traveling store at races, supporting racers with a wide variety of race supplies from oil to clothing. Andy and his team are always there to help racers with anything they may need on their all important race weekend.

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I would like you to meet Tom Nault, Vic Tiscareno and Nic Bergeron… What happens when three successful entrepreneurs, who all share a passion for vintage and exotic cars, collaborate on how to spend their Saturday mornings? You end up with Exotics @ Redmond Town Center. The Cars & Coffee phenomenon has swept the country and here in the Pacific Northwest it lives strong. Every Saturday morning, when it’s not raining, enthusiasts gather to enjoy their cars and talk shop. These three guys run the show with the help of many dedicated volunteers and having attended this fun event, what a gathering it has become. Amazing people and cars create a spectacular event. 

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Wayne Carini has a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration and has restored, repaired, bought, and sold more cars than he can count. His television show Chasing Classic Cars, on Velocity, gives the viewer an inside look at his world of buying, restoring, selling and chasing classic cars all over the country and the world. His passion for cars started when he was a child and continues to today at his Connecticut based business F40 Motorsports where they repair, restore, buy, sell, and chase that next special automobiles. I can tell you having met Wayne that who you see on his number one rated show, television show is the real deal. He’s a die-hard car guy who is incredibly nice and really enjoys what he is doing.

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Vincent is the President of Suixtil.  After spending 15 years focusing on the cultural and business operations in the Asia-Pacific marketplace he set out on a new adventure.  Six years ago Vincent re-launched Swuixtil, a well-known clothing brand in Argentina during the 40s and 50s that tailored high quality gentlemen’s suites and race wear.  Suixtil was worn by the famous Argentinean racers known as the “Armada” team.  The drivers included Fangio, Campos, Gonzalez, and Marimon who all wore Suixtil to vitory.  Vincent has brought this brand back to life along with its history and focus on high quality for those who want to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

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Thor Thorson has had a love affair with cars since the early 60s.  He has owned, restored, raced and sold so many cars it’s hard to keep track of them all.  He’s been a ski instructor and was a ski patrol, a real estate developer and entrepreneur. He started vintage racing in the early 80s in a Lotus 7 and in 1989, along with several partners, Thor formed VRM, Vintage Racing Motors in Redmond Washington, and has spent the last 25 years restoring, caring for, buying and selling incredible pieces of automotive history.  Thor writes a monthly racecar profile for Sports Car Market magazine, sharing his thorough knowledge of the market with enthusiast who love vintage race cars.  He’s also spent a significant amount of time racing vintage cars all over the world while making automotive dreams come true for his many customers, friends, and clients.

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