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David Steele is the Director of the American Hot Rod Foundation. There work is first and foremost about preservation. They work to save the stories and innovations and accomplishments made by our pioneer generation to they can pass along these lessons to future generations. They present hot rodding as an art form that is still practiced today. David is also a freelance automotive journalist whose byline has appeared in Hot Rod Deluxe magazine. He collects and restores old vehicles, he’s judged at national concours events and he’s a member of the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Classic Car Club of America, and a lifetime member of the Antique Automobile Club of America. David is also a graduate of the NASA high-performance driving School and the Putnam Park high-performance driving school of Indianapolis. In his former career David was a professional musician.

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Jacquelynne Tyner is a 26-year-old college student at California State University—Monterey Bay. Through her life and educational career, she had struggled with undiagnosed ADHD Inattentive type (formerly known as ADD), which caused secondary disabilities of anxiety and depression early on in her life. Before transferring to her current university, Jacquelynne first attended Long Beach City College in 2010 as an Auto Body major and then as her current major in Business Management. Between switching majors in 2012, she found her love for detailing through the Meguiar’s car care company in Irvine, California, and has been working with some of the members to hone her skills, and now works under the name of Meisters Paint Care where she views detailing as a therapy for her mental illnesses while helping fellow enthusiast reach their automotive goals through the trade.

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Adam Langsbard is the CEO of America’s Automotive Trust at LeMay – America’s Automotive Museum located in Tacoma, Washington. He recently joined after long and successful career at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, as their Chief Marketing Officer. His career as a marketer and fundraiser for the Peterson was successful and impressive. After learning that the world’s largest car collection was looking for a new CEO, Adam jumped at the chance to become the lead driver at this impressive organization. It is a legacy to the late Harold Lemay and his his wife Nancy, who built an incredible collection. The museum opened in 2012 with David Madeira, a past Cars Yeah guest, at the helm leading a dedicated team who cares for the collection. Today Adam gets to carry on the legacy and take the museum in the future ensuring long –term success for the Trust and its members.

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Massimo Buster Minale is the Founder of Buster + Punch, a London-born home fashion label. He is an architect and an industrial designer with a passion for motorcycles, metalwork, and music. At Buster + Punch they work with rare, solid materials to make extraordinary items for everyday use. It all started in a garage in East London where Massimo discovered a passion for making the things we love. From lighting and hardware to custom motorcycles and whisky bars. Today they make the unexpected and elegant interior products for those who want to live with conviction. Massimo is inspired by London’s fashion, music, and sub-culture scenes, where he collaborates with street artists, bike builders, musicians, and fashion designers to inject attitude in to his crafted products. Did I mention he loves bespoke motorcycles too?

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Mike Mullan is the owner of Car Treasures, a website where you can find vintage automobilia. It is a website where automotive enthusiasts and collectors can sell, buy, or browse treasured pieces of automobilia including: toys, models, posters, artwork, signs, literature, documents, trophies, advertising, promotional items and other historic artifacts from the automotive past. You’ll come across hard to find unique items you never knew existed and have a chance to clean out your garage, raise some money, and then fill it back up again with more fun things. As if this doesn’t keep Mike busy, his day job is that as a realtor for land and residential properties in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Alex Carmona is an automotive artist out of Greely, Colorado who is known as Old School Alex. His company, offers a wide range of services including commissioned art, logo design, leather work, wood crafting, printmaking, and public art. His focus however is traditional printmaking and fine art. While working in pen and ink and paint he also practices the process of 3-layer reduction woodcut creating beautiful prints that offer the viewer a classical graphic look with the feel of hand craftsmanship. While his work covers many areas of creativity it is the automobile that Alex loves to explore. He combines his passion for old school art and classic cars in a bold and exciting way. Alex’s mantra is “Ordinary art can hold you prisoner. Think beyond it, and you’ll be set free.”

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Joe Gearin is the Associate Publisher at Motorsport Marketing in Holly Hills, Florida. Motorsport Marketing is the parent company for Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports magazines and websites, all owned by past Cars Yeah guest, Tim Suddard. Joe’s many roles includes writing articles, helping to organize some of their wonderful driving events, selling advertising, sponsorships, and digital products. Joes is a self described, die-hard Bears fan and is constantly in acquisition or purge mode when it comes to his never ending fleet of vehicles he loves to work on.

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Dylan von Kleist is the Marketing Manager at Rupes USA in Longmont, Colorado. He’s been in the automotive detailing industry for over 19 years holding positions including product development, operations, public relations, communications, and he owned his own successful detailing businesses well. Rupes is an Italian company with a 70 year history of designing and producing the finest in innovative machine tools and their reputation in the automotive surface care sector is world renown. Rupes just built and opened a facility in the United States as they continue to grow in the marketplace. Dylan has put his mark on numerous businesses in the detailing industry over his career and truly enjoys elevating the industry as both a professional within its various organizations as well as being a regular provider of commentary on the social/ethical dilemmas facing the rapidly changing professional detailing landscape. 

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Fireball Tim operates the Fireball Malibu Vlog, an automotive beach life reality series starring Hollywood car designer, author, and award winning filmmaker Fireball Tim and his amazing bride, Kathie Lawrence. They film their daily activities driving cool cars and living the automotive beach life in sunny southern California. Fireball’s been a filmmaker, television host, and car design expert for over 25 years on the Speed Channel, Discovery, Velocity, and Monster Garage. His over 700 Vlogs can be found on YouTube, Amazon, The Auto Channel, and more. He’s also created a series of kids coloring books that are designed to be fun while educating children, or adults, about cars and our environment. He’s also the host of The Malibu Cars & Coffee.

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Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, The Motor City, The birthplace of the Detroit Dinosaur and the Yank Tank. During his younger years Jim jumped in to the world of commercial advertising however after a long successful career he decided to start painting and spurred by the esthetic of the late forties and early fifties he set off on a path to create his own style of fine art. His paintings have hung in galleries around the world and have been used in Hollywood motion pictures. His work has been featured in magazines in France, Italy, Spain, Australia and the U.S. Jim likes to say “You can almost smell the thirty weight motor oil, gun smoke, and cheap perfume when enjoying my art.”

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