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Jason Vansickle is the Vice President of Curation and Education at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. He is one of the youngest in his field to hold such a position. Jason is leading the charge with new exhibition creation and content development designed with visitation growth in mind. He is responsible for managing the care for the collection, restoration department, and educational programming. He currently serves on the boards of the National Association of Automobile Museums, Indiana Landmark’s Indiana Automotive group, and the Indianapolis Cars and Coffee organization.

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Jim Cozzie serves as the Director of Business Development for suspension specialists RideTech. He has over 30 years of high-level business development in automotive specialty and television production industries. 

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Jim Beaver is the president of JB15 Group, a full-service media, PR, marketing, branding, and motorsports agency representing some of the top athletes and brands in the world. He’s a third-generation driver who races as a factory supported UTV driver in off-road racing and formerly raced Trophy Trucks. 

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Peter Volny is the Founder of the Concours in the Hills that will celebrate its ninth year on Saturday, February 4, 2022 in Fountain Hills Arizona. The event will feature over 1,200 cars and 30,000+ spectators while raising tens of thousands of dollars for Phoenix Children’s. 

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David Twohig is a consultant who works on a variety of topics for his clients, he speaks at private and public events, and writes about the car industry for The-Intercooler in the UK. He published his first book, in early 2022, titled Inside the Machine – An Engineer’s Tale of the Modern Automotive Industry. David is a veteran automotive engineering executive, with three decades of international experience in automotive design and development. 

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Kyle Hoffman produces and hosts his YouTube channel titled Depreciation Nation, a show he's produced for over two year. He's been addicted to speed since he was fiver years old and it all started with his fascination with horses, a passion he still enjoys today watching race horses run. His older brother bought a BMW with a manual gearbox and Kyle was hooked. He's since owned several of these cars and  would buy and sell them learning how to flip cars and make some money along the way. From years of this his YouTube channel was born.

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Joe Hale is the President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. He is leading the team to reimagine the Museum in a wholesale fashion and to guide the Museum staff and supporters toward a future state-of-the-art Museum, community asset, and world-class destination. He also shares Bill Pack new book titled Epic Drama, The Winning Collection of the Indianpolis Motor Speedway Museum.

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Christopher Davenport is the Founder of AutoParts 4 Less, the first automotive specific multi-seller online marketplace that aspires to provide both buyers and sellers with the best experience possible. Their mission is to create a world class e-commerce marketplace that aggregates these automotive parts sellers for the automotive parts buyers by utilizing integrated technologies that optimizes the listing, selling, and shipping of automotive parts. 

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Mitch Williams is the Division General Manager of StopTech, the best in high performance brakes and part of the First Brands Group. He has led several iconic performance industry brands including Hella, APR, Restoration Parts Unlimited, and today at StopTech.  Mitch has raced sports cars, served six terms on the SEMA Board of Directors and has driven cross-country 40 times - and once drove almost coast to coast in 40 hours - by himself.  He has owned more than 75 cars, has flown in the Goodyear Blimp, and took aerobatic flying lessons. 

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David Campo is the Founder of Nezumi Studios, a business where he has merged his passions in the automotive, watch, fashion, and music industries for over a decade. David created his own Porsche Club he calls Roughneck Brigade that started with a grill badge design and now includes nearly 100 Brigadiers across nine countries with members in Europe, the UK, and the USA. He has a special collaboration with the legendary Porsche designer RUF culminating in a limited-edition series of Nezumi Ruf timepieces and all 200 watches sold out in 21 minutes. He also designed a watch to celebrate the band Anthrax’s album ‘Persistence of Time’.

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Jake Welk is the Marketing Manager for Lemay - America’s Car Museum. He is a passionate photographer, filmmaker, designer, and marketer and is in charge of the Lemay museum’s marketing, advertising, public relations, media, content creation, website, and social media efforts.

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Bill Pack is an automotive photographer who returns to Cars Yeah to talk about his latest project. Bill teamed up with past Cars Yeah guest and designer Dwight T. Knowlton to create a book titled Epic Drama: The Winning Collection of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. At over 200 pages this project is a magical journey featuring the historic race cars that have run the Indy 500.

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Dominic Dobson is the President of Dobson Motorsports and Dobson Stuttgart, the Northwest’s finest Porsche service, sales, and storage facility. Dominic is a former IndyCar and sports Car racer, has raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Daytona 24 Hours, and the Sebring 12 Hours numerous times. Dominic has raced in the Baja 1000, Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. He founded Motion Research Technologies, a pioneer in Augmented Reality and invented the world's first wireless heads-up display named "SportVue" for motorcycle riders. 

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Andrew Comrie-Picard is an X Games medalist, North American Rally Champion, Pikes Peak record holder, and Baja1000 class winner. He also is a movie stuntman who's appeared in the Fast and Furious and Deadpool franchises and designed the massive car stunt course on Netflix' "Hyperdrive". Andrew founded his business ZipTire Mobile Tire in Los Angeles to disrupt the tire industry and he is the Chief Business Officer for Arctic Trucks North America.

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Robert C. Yeager’s love for cars began as a teenager when he purchased a “raked,” baby-blue 1940 Ford coupe for $250. For the past dozen-plus years, he has written about collectible and enthusiast cars for the New York Times. An outgrowth of his writing for the Times is his new book, The NextGen Guide to Car Collecting and it offers new and experienced collectors a richly illustrated and concise history of car collecting; guidance on buying and selling; tips on living the car-collector life; how collectors love their “special” cars; and explores the growing role women play as automotive enthusiasts. 

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Drew Hardin started working in automotive journalism while in college and he joined Petersen Publishing in 1986 as a staff editor for 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine. His latest book is titled HOT ROD Magazine: The Definitive & Official 75 Years History published by Motorbooks. It is the officially licensed anniversary celebration of the world’s longest continuously published and best-known automotive magazine ever.

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Chris Cyr is the CEO and Partner at Team O'Neil Rally School, the longest running and most accomplished rally driver training company in the America's. Their offerings include the 1 to 5 Day Rally School, Security and Tactical Mobility Training, Drift School, Off-Road training and much more.

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Larry Trepel is a cartoonist and writer, with auction coverage and a monthly cartoon feature, titled Light-Hand Drive, appearing in Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market.

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Dan McKeever is the President of Ford Performance Racing School. There he developed all of the driver curriculums for the Mustang GT500 and Mach 1, the F-150 Raptor and an ST SUV program for the Edge and Explorer ST owners.

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Brock Patterson is the National Specialty Vehicle Manager at Reddick Brown Ford in Morrison Tennessee where they specialize in a line of custom vehicles and limited production projects.

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Jayce Delker is a 27-year-old automotive enthusiast, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is a graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology and currently employed as an engineer for General Motors at the GM Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan.

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Brett Hatfield is a lifelong automotive enthusiast and has thirty-plus-years as a member of the National Corvette Restorers Society. He is the co-host of the Driven Radio Show podcast, is a senior auction analyst for Sports Car Market magazine, a contributing author of GM Authority, Ford Authority, and the Cadillac Society. 

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