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Hartmut Feyhl is the Founder of RENNtech that is the premier Mercedes-Benz specialist and leading tuning authority for luxury European vehicles including Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Aston Martin and others. With a background of 12 plus years at AMG Germany, followed by serving as the Technical Director of AMG North America, Hartmut is regarding as the foremost authority on Mercedes Tuning in the USA. RENNTech’s principle is “Performance without Compromise”, a philosophy evident in their extensive line of high-performance products and customizations that include tuning solutions for AMG vehicles. Their comprehensive approach to tuning solutions with in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities their state-of-the-art engineering and equipment allows for proprietary tuning products of the highest standards.

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Chanterria McGilbra is the Executive Director of the Prancing Ponies Foundation whose mission is ‘Creating Women Leaders One Girl at a Time’. This premier women’s car show was established in 2017 and is the only show that exclusively focuses on women and their automobiles. The show is a fundraiser to fund opportunities for low-income women to attend leadership conferences to advance their careers and better their family’s lives. The women’s car show theme is Rhinestone Cowgirls and will honor Women in Automotive. This premier experience takes place during Car Week, with the Prancing Ponies Mixer on Wednesday, Aug 14th at Carmel Plaza and the car show on Thursday, August 15 on Ocean Avenue in Carmel by the Sea. 

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Michael Dale was the President of Jaguar North America from 1990 until 2000. He was responsible for British Leyland’s and Jaguar North America’s racing activities, which involved joining forces with Group 44 to achieve numerous SCCA National Championships and bringing Jaguar back to its racing roots at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Mike will be part of a panel on this year’s Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance event discussing the racing and production history of Jaguar, the featured marque, on Sunday June 23 at the concours. The concours and discussion will take place at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia.

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Torsten Gross is a maverick in every sense of the word. Not happy with the status quo, mixed with his entrepreneurial drive, he enjoys the challenge of the word “no.” As a C6 Quadriplegic since the age of 15, he has heard that word often, yet still finds his way to “yes.” This drive has led him to become the world's only Quadriplegic who is a Rescue Scuba Diver, completing 12 marathons in 12 months and into his latest adventure as a race car driver. In 2023, Torsten competed in the International GT, HSR and World Racing League races in his hand-controlled Porsche 981 Cayman. Alongside his adrenaline-seeking events, Torsten has had a successful marketing career as a strategist. He currently works as the Chief Marketing Officer of MateriaMX. He is also the co-founder of Just Hands Foundation, a charity that helps hand-control drivers enter the world of performance driving. 

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