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Sani Ronen is the Director of Product Marketing at Arbe, where they are driving a zero-road-fatality reality by enabling truly safe driver-assist systems while paving the way to full autonomous driving. Sani’s defined and executed hardware and software roadmaps in a comprehensive 3-5 year plan for Arbe. As the automotive industry moves towards hands free driving, the sensors in the sensor suite become more and more critical since they are responsible for the safety of the vehicle. To meet the expectations of the hands-free driving experience, radar must offer diversity and redundancy to the other sensors (cameras and lidar) and provide perception at a long range and at all speeds. 

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Hot Rod Ron Carlsten is a long-time fixture in the traditional hot rod world who promoted some of the first nostalgia hot rod shows in Southern Arizona. His Checkered Strip Productions in Phoenix, Arizona, and formerly in Tucson, Arizona, are well known. He is a custom car builder and hot rod culture broker who has been building cars since 1984 and has built multiple vehicles that have been featured in numerous magazines, ranging from Volkswagen to Hot Rods. Ron’s an experienced car appraiser who has worked for numerous commercial and community stations, managed bands, worked as a booking agent, content creator and as a moderator for online communities. He has curated art shows at major galleries featuring hot rod art and hosted major annual car shows. 

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Ed Fallon has been immersed in the world of collector cars for over four decades and lives on his own private island off the state of Minnesota. Operating Cave Creek Classics, a high-end boutique dealership from Arizona, his transactions with buyers and sellers are of the highest caliber, sourcing and selling French marques such as Voisin, Hispano Suiza, and Delahaye, as well as great American classics including Duesenberg that appeal to blue chip collectors and connoisseurs. 

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David Lichter is the Founder and Owner of Lock Horns, whose locking system patent is the foundation of their first product to market, Wheel Locks… that Actually Lock!™  While standard wheel ‘locks’ don’t actually lock, the Lock Horns brand employs a double-lock technology for enhanced layers of protection, including a personalized coded lock and key needed for installation and removal.  In 2009 David woke up to his new car on cinder blocks, wheels nearly stolen. After searching the market unsuccessfully for a higher quality wheel locking system, he finally decided to ‘reinvent the wheel’ lock, and created his brand to help millions of car owners protect themselves and their families. David's goal is to ‘lock horns’ with thieves and provide a superior wheel theft deterrent for customers!

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Rick Schad is a seasoned professional artist and visionary based in Rhode Island with over three decades of experience shaping various industries. From designing iconic t-shirts for clients like The Grateful Dead and the White House to innovating in the golf industry with the world's first fashion belt equipped with a divot tool, Rick's creativity knows no bounds. His journey led him through packaging design, toy innovation at Hasbro, and even representing exclusive cars like Ayrton Senna's rookie car. Rick's passion culminated in co-creating the acclaimed Audrain's Newport Concours and Motor Week, earning global praise. Now known as the "Pope of Plastic," Rick captivates audiences worldwide on TikTok, where he holds the title of top modeler, routinely commissioned to build intricate and unique models for collectors and enthusiasts located all over the world.

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