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David Silberkleit is the CFO (that’s Chief Frogeye Officer) of the Bugeyeguys, the world leader for Bugeye Sprite sales, restoration, and parts. In 2022 he purchased the first production Bugeye Sprite, a car he imported from Australia. David and his team have sold their 400th Bugeye Sprite this week, an amazing milestone when you consider that in 2007 he started this business from his tiny home garage. Today, Bugeyeguys is a team of seven people in an 11,000 square foot restored Quonset Hut full of classic British sports cars and lots and lots of Bugeye parts. David added the Bugeyeguys parts business in 2017, and has now shipped more than 15,000 boxes of Bugeye bits around the world. Every one of the 400 Bugeyes built by David and his team has been unique and different, from completely stock to fire breathing, plus a recent electric conversion with Tesla Batteries.

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