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Robert C. Yeager’s love for cars began as a teenager when he purchased a “raked,” baby-blue 1940 Ford coupe for $250. For the past dozen-plus years, he has written about collectible and enthusiast cars for the New York Times. An outgrowth of his writing for the Times is his new book, The NextGen Guide to Car Collecting and it offers new and experienced collectors a richly illustrated and concise history of car collecting; guidance on buying and selling; tips on living the car-collector life; how collectors love their “special” cars; and explores the growing role women play as automotive enthusiasts. 

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Drew Hardin started working in automotive journalism while in college and he joined Petersen Publishing in 1986 as a staff editor for 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine. His latest book is titled HOT ROD Magazine: The Definitive & Official 75 Years History published by Motorbooks. It is the officially licensed anniversary celebration of the world’s longest continuously published and best-known automotive magazine ever.

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