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Bruce Trenery is the owner of Fantasy Junction located in Emeryville, California, a company he started with two friends in 1976. By the next year he took over the company and since then he has sold over 9,000 collector vehicles including classics, vintage race cars, and pretty much everything else. Back in the day, Bruce raced Formula Vee, Formula C, and Formula B. He continued racing with SCCA and has run in vintage races, all over the world, for over four decades. He has driven in rallies and tours in everything from Jaguar D-Types to Ferraris, Alfas, Monzas, and Porsche Can-Am cars. Bruce ran the company up until 2018 when then his son Spencer took over the day to day operations. Bruce continues to buy, sell, hold and enjoy fine old automobiles.


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Richard Jenkins is a motorsport enthusiast who has a keen interest in what happened to racers after they left the sport. Inspired by a book released in 1966 about former British soccer players titled Where Are They Now?, authored by Pringle and Fissler, Richard decided to trace past racecar drivers. In 2014, he was approached by the widow of racer Richie Ginther and in 2020, his book titled Richie Ginther: Motor Racing’s Free Thinker was published. With memories from his family, friends and fellow racers, this biography is also packed, after meticulous research, with an abundance of quotes from Richie himself to create as thorough and as deeply personal life story about Richie as possible.

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