Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Ed Cholakian owns All Cadillacs, where for over 40 years he has been at the forefront of collecting and restoring Cadillacs from the 40s and 50s. At one time Ed had one of the largest collecting in the world of Cadillacs from that era. He’s one of those people who is extremely kind and generous with his time and resources to help those in need. Today his business, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been providing Cadillac parts for over 15 years. His company attracts ‘car people’ from all over the world, some just to see the incredible size of his inventory of new (NOS) and used Cadillac parts. Ed has also been recognized by President Reagan and California Governors for his work in hospitals and the Los Angeles police department. He had a hand creating the SEMA show and came up with many new innovative marketing ideas in the automotive industry.

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