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Mariana Small is the Co-Founder and COO of Accelerating Change and the President of the Porsche Club of America, Los Angeles region. Accelerating Change creates opportunities for women to develop skills in the automotive world, from track days to educational events and networking. In the past, she was Vice President of Marketing Operations and Branding at Confie [pronounced con-fee], where she set the strategic direction of marketing and branding initiatives. Mariana earned her B.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy from Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany and her M.B.A. in Foreign Commerce and Exchange from Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil. She holds Certifications in Strategic IQ and Strategic Marketing Management from Harvard Business School and is a certified Private International Arbitrator. She speaks five languages, has lived in 8 countries (all continents except Antarctica) and has traveled to 61 countries. Fun fact: Mariana has also seen all 7 wonders of the world!

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