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Kai Goddard is the Co-Founder and Driver/Coach at Track Rekord a company born out of a need to provide consistent, high-quality track day driver instruction across the US and Canada. The ultimate goal of Track Record is to reduce risk, improved safety, increased enjoyment, lower lap times, and reduce insurance costs. He was born into a racing family, the son of two-time World Superstox Champion and former factory BMW Touring Car racer Geoff Goddard. Kai has over 24 years of racing, testing, development, marketing, driving events, coaching, precision driving, and high-performance driving experience. He’s run in SCCA Formula Vee, Improved Touring Car, American Sedan to Factory Stocks, Short Track Racing, PBOC Racing, and NASA Pro Racing. He’s worked with numerous marques in driving events, hot laps, stunt shows, film, and more. 

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