Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Frank Dipaola is the Founder/Creator and Event Chairman of the Carmel Mission Classic, now in its seventh year which takes place during Car Week in Carmel by the Sea, California at the Carmel Mission. 100% of the net proceeds from his event go to charities. Frank is a 25 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, an undercover narco cop whose undercover name was Frankie Apollo, and he was a detective and patrol officer as well. He created the LAPD Juvenile Impact Gang Diversion Program helping re-direct over 10,000 at-risk youth from a life of crime. He was a Juvenile Justice appointee of the California Governor and he authored his autobiography titled From Hell To Hail Mary: A Cop's Story. He has also appeared on numerous television shows. Frank is also an active shooter work place violence instructor with M.C. Kimball and Associates.

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