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Chris Nunes is known as the ‘California Kid’. He is a 17 year old senior at Steel Canyon High School in San Diego, California. His scholastic interests include engineering when he’s not racing, and he hopes to one day design the world’s fastest Electric Formula E race car. Chris has raced competitively since he was 4 years old and has won numerous national and regional motocross titles and in 2014, he started racing off-road modified karts. He is the only youth racer to win championship titles in both Motocross and Off-Road Racing Trucks. In 2018 he turned pro, racing a Pro Buggy in Lucas Oil's Off-Road Short Course and this season, he won the Race Series opener on the CBS Sports Network. In his spare time, he trains younger off-road racers and he trains the all-girl Athena Racing Team, run by past Cars Yeah guest, Loxley Brown.

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