Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Myles Kitchen is the Emcee for the new Coyote Creek Concours. During his career as an engineer and entrepreneur, his focus was on electronics and technology for the automotive industry spending time at Motorola, National Semiconductor, Intel, and others. Today he owns a specialized consultancy assisting start-ups to Fortune 100 firms in automotive electronic technology. Myles is an accomplished vintage racer, instructor and a three-time Champion of the United States Road Racing Championship (USRRC) Seniors Tour. Myles is believed to be the only person known to have campaigned a Lamborghini Countach in a sanctioned race in North America. He is a past President and Director of the Ferrari Club of America, Pacific Region, and he is a lifetime member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and member of the International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 

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