Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Lance Stander has been in the automotive industry for over 39 years. He opened Hillbank Motor Corp, originally located in Costa Mesa, California in 1999 after years in South Africa where he worked with his father. Hillbank specializes in Selling of Shelby and Superformance Cobras, Shelby Daytonas, GT40s, Corvette Grand Sports and other 60s Classic and Sports cars. In 2005, Lance purchased Superformance dba Shelby Legendary Cars and he is the worldwide distributor for all Superformance manufactured cars. He also trades as Shelby Legendary Cars, the company that manufactures and distributes all Shelby Continuation Sixties Cobras, Slabsides, FIA, GT40s, Daytonas, and other cars. His is the only company licensed by Shelby Licensing and authorized by Shelby American to manufacture the Cobra MKIII.

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