Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Heidi Mraz is a conceptual artist and automotive researcher who creates bespoke portraits of significant automobiles celebrating their beauty and provenance. Her intoxicating works of art are equal parts eye candy, history lesson, and hide and seek. She is best known for her handmade multilayered historical based collage works she calls “The Art of Provenance.” You will find her art in both corporate and private collections enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. Some of her clients include the world’s top automotive collectors and museums and include:  Peter Mullin, Robert Jepson, Ferrari, Hagerty Insurance, and the Petersen Automotive Museum. Heidi was selected to create the official poster art for the Pinehurst Concours and the Art in Motion Concours in New York. She also works as a curating consultant for the White Collection in San Francisco. Cars are Heidi’s muse.

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