Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Tegan Hammond holds two land-speed records at Bonneville having gone over 300 miles per hour. Going very fast on the salt isn’t the only adventure Tegan enjoys. She’s completed Rick Seaman’s Cars Jump class and launched a vehicle 60 feet through the air. She earned a win in the Vintage Spring circuit at Santa Maria raceway her second time in the driver's seat competing against an all-male group. She’s a stunt car driver having driven a Ferrari 2019 Pista Spider being the first woman to appear in a Ferrari campaign and has been a movie stunt double for Higgins doubled as Jordan Brewster in Magnum PI and for Heidi Klum, to name a few. Tegan was also a commercial stunt driver in numerous ad spots. Tegan is on her way to being a well respected and highly sought-after professional female stunt driver when she’s not ice climbing, skiing, skateboarding, water skiing, or training in her BMW M3.

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