Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Zach Adams is from Orlando, Florida and has been racing Monster Trucks for 10 years. At the young age of 4, Zach was introduced to the sport by his father, Greg Adams, and he was hooked. Greg was a successful driver of the Eliminator Monster Truck and when Zach turned 22, it was his turn at the wheel. His talents earned him the MTRA Rookie of the Year in 2009 and today, he pilots the Hy-per-Lube Annihilator. All told he’s amassed 55 wins. Zach also builds custom truck components and parts with his CNC skills. His 2014 Ford Raptor is 10 feet tall, has a height of 12’ -6” and weighs 10,200 pounds. Zach attributes his Ford’s success to Hy-Per-Lube Premium Lubricant, a supplement that was originally formulated by Harold Hilton in the early 1950s. You’ll find a wide variety of their additives at

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