Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Her Royal Highness, Vidita Singh of Barwani started her career as a professional automotive artist about 15 years ago. Her passion for automobiles has been passed down for generations from her great-grandfather onward. He was the Maharaja of the state of Barwani in Central India and one of the first people to bring the steam locomotive and paved roadways into Central India. Her father, past Cars Yeah guest, His Royal Highness Rana Manvendra Singh, is a renowned figure in the automobile industry and was responsible for bringing a magnificent collection of the Cars of the Maj to Pebble Beach this summer. Vidita works in a range of mediums including oils, charcoals, and watercolors. She alludes to the novelty automobiles that were in the bygone era and the artistic and mechanical masterpieces they are today.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Vidita at the AFAS event on the lawn at Pebble Beach during the Concours last month.

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