Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Bob Merlis is the founder of and its more recent offshoots, Feral Cars on Instagram and Feral Cars on Facebook.  Bob has had an ongoing career in the music industry dating back to the late ‘60s but his abiding interest in automobiles and automotive history dates back even further.  He is currently a contributing writer at Automobile Magazine where his Collectible Classic features run regularly.  He has been a regular contributor to Car and Driver and has also written for the New York Times, New West, Feature and served as Car Culture Editor for LA Style. He contributed automotive chapters to The Catalog of Cool (Warner Books) and its sequel, Too Cool (St Martins). He was the curator for The Petersen Auto Museum’s Cars and Guitars of Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibit in 2001 and, again, for Cars & Guitars of Rock ‘n’ Roll 2 in 2006.  

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