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Katie Osborne is a television reporter and host on PowerNation TV, number 1 in the automotive how-to. The show airs on Paramount, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports. She is also a reporter for Mecum Car Auctions on NBC Sports, a trackside reporter for Snocross on CBS Sports and a  digital pit reporter for the IndyCar Series. She manages to split her career between TV reporting and hosting for Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, NHL, NFL, X Games, live event hosting and fashion designing. Katie grew up as a competitive, national level swimmer and earned a Sports Communication-Broadcast Degree from Indiana University, “Go Hoosiers”! She coordinated several Make-A-Wish experiences and works alongside several foundations serving the community. She is also working to create the FindJoy-Project:  a virtual crossroads for companies and individuals to share life lessons and to share positive stories to help others to find joy in their lives.

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