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Diana Balboni is an outlier in the business of professional automobile detailing. She owns and operates N2 Details, a type of business where you’ll rarely find women sharing their passion for polishing, waxing, and detailing fine automobiles. For over 30 years, Diana honed her interpersonal relationship skills in retail jobs, and finally, she retired from a civilian government job in late 2014. There would be no resting on her laurels. Within a week, she turned her beloved hobby of detailing cars into a small business. She invested in detail training from past Cars Yeah guest, Renny Doyle of Detailing Success, and she is also a ‘made woman’ of the infamous Detail Mafia, who are leaders and mentors to younger detailers across the country. Diana is also a certified member of the International Detailing Association, (IDA) holding an advanced Skills Validated certification as well. Her expertise has not gone unnoticed as she has secured a coveted spot on the US Air Force One Detailing Team!


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