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Greg Tracy is part of the Driver’s Inc. stunt team, where he is a Hot Wheels driver and a top Hollywood stuntman. He is known for doing crazy stunts in movies including Talladega Nights, The Fast and Furious, and in the movie Bourne Ultimatum where he earned the World Stunt Award. Greg has also appeared in numerous TV commercials. As one of the elite Team Hot Wheels drivers Greg captured the Guiness Book of Records performing the Hot Wheels Double Double Dare Loop in 2012. Greg is also a regular at the Pikes Peak race where he is a seven time record holder and he holds a record for the Electric Car Division with a time of 9:08. He is also the only racer to go under 10 minutes at Pikes Peak on two and four wheels. He’s won the Baja 1000, raced in Formula 2000, Indy Cars, and he’s gone over 210 mph on a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats during several World Record Attempts.

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