Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Spike Feresten is the co-CEO at Hangar 56 Media. He is a past Automotive Emoter at Esquire Network where he had three successful seasons on the TV show Car Matchmaker. He is a former presenter at FOX Television Studios, he was a Writer/Producer at the TV show Seinfeld where he earned three Emmy nominations, and on Late Night with David Letterman where he earned five Emmy nominations. Today Spike is launching a new project, it’s a cars and comedy podcast titled Spike’s Car Radio. He records live from the porch of his favorite breakfast spot, the Malibu Kitchen, from 10:00 AM till noon on Sundays, where you’ll frequently see one of his cool old cars parked about front. He’ll answer all of your Car Matchmaking questions and talk about cars over a cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast.

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