Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Richard Webb is an automotive artist whose passion for design, the romance of classic cars, and race cars is reflected in his paintings and drawings. He’s owned over 374 classic cars in his life and while he’s tried retiring a few time, Richard quickly discovered painting to be his encore career. His art begins as a design process with meticulous attention to composition, the backdrop, landscapes, architectural icons, and detail in his automotive subject matter. Mostly working with acrylic paint he mixes sand, modeling paste, epoxy, and sometimes deep set wood panels to create his images. In addition to painting on canvas he’s been knows to use nontraditional surfaces including surfboards, doors, and barn wood. While most of his work is easily recognizable Richard has painted abstracts, portraits, and landscapes as well. Richard has been commissioned by art collectors, auto aficionados, and major global brands. His work can be found in the homes and businesses of art collectors worldwide.

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