Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Matt Davies is a Digital Marketing Brand Manager and Social Media Manager and currently acts as the eMarketing Specialist at 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division or AAD for short in Minneapolis, MN. For the past seven years Matt has focused on the automotive aftermarket in the digital marketing space working with multiple brands for the U.S. market. His daily focus is online strategy, content generation, ad placement, and digital program management. Before moving to Minneapolis Matt lived in Asia for over six years as a global sales manager providing him with a worldly perspective on the market. A current event he’s passionate about today is is the 3M Car Guys for United Way where Chip Foose and Barry Meguire, a past Cars Yeah guest, will be on hand along with a multitude of cool rides. The event’s on June 23 and is hosted by the AutoMotorPlex in Minneapolis.

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