Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Christoph Maeder is a designer from Hannover, Germany whose passion for automobiles runs deep. He studied mechanical and fotografical engineering in school and switched to visual communications where he found his passion. Christoph worked for Zakspeed, a team running a Viper that won the 24 Hours of Nüburgring and Lechner Racing who ran Porsches and then with the Jetalliance who ran an Aston Martin DBR9. From that the book DBR9 The Definitive History came about where he did the design, layout, 3D modeling and the research and writing. Other noted projects include the Carrera 2.7 Book and a complete corporate design program for Jet Alliance. His most recent project is the new Carrera RS Book by authors Georg Konradsheim and Thoms Gruber and published by TAG Motorbooks. It’s an updated version of the iconic Carrera RS book published years ago.

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