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Renzo Porro lives in Italy and he is a mechanical engineer whose 38 year career at Fiat included testing, design, research, and sales. He was involved in many of their successful models including the Fiat 128, X19, 124, Uno, Ducato, Lancia Delta and Thema, and the Alfa Romeo 156. His last post at Fiat was as their deputy Vice President of Engineering and Vice President of After Sales Services. Upon retiring he’s worked as a consultant for Sumitomo Electrics of Japan and TRW here in the United States. Renzo also founded three engineering companies that design automobile parts. One of his passions is sailing and he wrote a book on sailing techniques that is considered a must-read for those who love to sail.

Renzo’s son Raffaello Porro has been a past guest on Cars Yeah.

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