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Colin Crabbe is an automotive archeologist and past Grand Prix entrant who spent his life in perpetual motion. He was a privateer and noted dealer in historic racing cars. He raced some wonderful cars including a Maserati 250F at Goodwood in June 1965, an Aston MartinDP214, and a Ford GT40 at Brands Hatch. Vic Elford and Ronnie Peterson drove for his F1 Team in 1969 and 1970 in a Cooper T86 and a McLaren M7B and a March 701. In the 1960s Colin ran a mail order business, The Complete Automobilist, that supplied hard-to-find parts. He was the last of the serious privateers in Formula One and has spent his life traveling the world, tracking down, restoring, and racings some the rarest, fastest cars ever made. His book, Colin Crabbe: Thrill of the Chase is an autobiography of his exciting life around racing and automobiles.

This is part two of a two part show.

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