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Jay Koka is an internationally respected artist whose style in automotive themed art is a combination of highly realistic, technical and impressionistic. His art is collected by private and public audiences and hangs in galleries, offices, and homes worldwide. Jay’s paintings have been on numerous concours event posters, in books, online, and created for special commissions for club events and shows. His new book titled 30:30 is an extensive profile of his art. This year he’s created his 13th poster for the Ferrari club of American International Meets. Jay is a 27-year member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and serves on their board. In 2012, Jay was awarded the coveted "Peter Helck Award" at the annual AFAS premiere exhibition at Pebble Beach. Jay is an avid super bike rider who enjoys time on a Ducati 999 and he’s passionate about automobiles.

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