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For over 25 years, Ed Justice has been the President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc., a legendary international manufacturer and distributor of lubricants, additives and cleaners founded by his father, Ed and Uncles Gus and Zeke. Many of us are familiar with the “glory days” of auto racing, but few have lived the experience as Ed Justice, Jr. has. At the age 44; he became one of the youngest to be inducted into the "Old Timers Club" at The Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway.  Ed is the award winning host of the ROAD & TRACK radio show. He’s been awarded the prestigious Motor Press Guild (MPG) “Dean Batchelor Best of the Year” award and the International Automotive Media Awards, including a Gold Medal. Ed has also been on numerous radio and television shows and master of ceremonies at countless events. There’s simply not enough time to tell his whole story but today on Cars Yeah he’ll share some of his amazing history with us.

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