Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Dwight Knowlton is the founder of 73ideas. It's a boutique agency of sorts, drawing on more than a decade of his experience working with small to mid size businesses and numerous Fortune 500 brands. Dwight’s been a part of growing some startups into international competitors and was recently part of a tech startup that enjoyed a successful exit – selling to a leading investment bank. Now he’s seeking to live his passion.  Dwight’s a car guy and has a dual overhead cam where his heart should be. He founded 73ideas, an award winning design and branding firm specializing only in automotive related work. I found Dwight because of a wonderful book he wrote, designed, and illustrated… The Little Red Racing Car. It’s an award winning father and son picture book story about a 1955 Maserati 300S. It's steeped in automotive heritage and features Sir Stirling Moss. His second book will be out later this year and is in collaboration with Sir Stirling – telling the story of his record-crushing win of the 1955 Mille Miglia. Dwight’s tag line? Carpe Viam!

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