Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Steve Walker is an artist, and a former Resident Artist for the City of Seattle.  He draws, paints, creates sculptures, illustrates for magazines and children’s books and he’s done some writing as well.  He also penned a cartoon strip for National Lampoon.   And he builds cars. Very, very unique cars. He’s been featured on the TV show Monster Garage and the Vintage Vehicle Show.  The cars Steve builds are not restoration but his own creations using a vocabulary of recognizable shapes inspired by the racing vehicles I admired as a kid in the 50's.   His current studio is called "Close Enough Engineering", where he works with his buddy Kim Hall.  They started out building prototypes and proof-of-concept models for engineering companies and inventors and now they build oversized artworks for casinos, shipping work to Vegas, Detroit, D.C., Austria, Canada, China, and Dubai.  You can see examples of their art at their website:  You won’t believe your eyes.

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