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Ray Marchica is the owner of Roadster Salon, a restoration company that focuses on building the finest Fiat Roadsters available.  The company reflects the passion of its founder, Ray’s father, John Marchica who was a sports car enthusiast with a fondness for all things Italian.  John’s affection for Italian sports cars was passed on to his son Ray, who first sold and restored Fiat, MG and Alfa Romeo sports cars as a hobby while attending college.  Ray began helping his father in the business about ten years ago.  Each year, the number of projects and their scope increased.  Soon, Roadster Salon had grown from a retirement hobby to the largest Fiat based restoration company in North America.  When John took ill in 2010, Ray stepped in to provide support and direction.  Sadly, John passed away in 2011 so Ray and his wife Chris stepped in full time and personally supervise every phase of the restoration process.  Rob Baird, Production Manager, who has been with the company for over 8 years, along with the team at Roadster Salon, are a skilled and talented group of automotive enthusiasts and craftsmen who focus on creating their clients dreams. Their Spiders provide a dose of nostalgia and exclusivity that’s impossible to surpass with contemporary sports cars.

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