Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Tim Miller is the Founder and CEO of Surf City Garage in Huntington Beach California.  Surf City Garage is a company that creates superior, high-quality car care products for automotive enthusiasts.  Tim’s passion for automobiles goes back to his childhood when he saved up and purchased his first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO with a 4-speed.  He raced on weekends all over southern California.  Fast-forward 30 years and Tim’s car collection is now over 130 show-quality vintage muscle cars, known as the Surf City Garage American Muscle Car Collection.  They are on display in a showroom decorated with neon and memorabilia and includes a complete restoration shop.  In 2007, in order to keep his collection looking great Tim decided to create his own line of surface care products and Surf City Garage Detailing Products was born.  Now sold worldwide, in over 30 countries, the Surf City name has brought the southern California car culture shine to enthusiasts everywhere.

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