Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

 While on vacation in Africa Jonathan decided to quit his job to start his first automotive brand and TLC was born. Toyota Land Cruisers goal was to fill a gap in the market by applying higher quality restoration services to vintage utility vehicles.  Specifically the iconic Toyota Land Cruisers. The company grew in its reputation for quality and the acclaim lead to a visit from Mr. Toyoda himself. That connection lead to Jonathan designing the first three design study vehicles that brought forth the FJ Cruiser. After that adventure he decided it was time to launch a new brand he calls ICON.  ICON stands for classic transportation design and revisits old style Toyota Land Cruisers, Ford Broncos, Willys CJ3Bs and more. With a multi-year backlog of orders, ICON continues to grow and explore new markets focusing on reviving America’s past strengths in design and manufacturing.

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