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Tim Considine is the author of the book Twice Around The Clock - The Yanks at Le Mans, a huge multi-volume, unapologetically chauvinistic personal history of over 320 American drivers and the American cars that have participated in the epic 24 Hours of Le Mans. His book is a frank, sometimes blunt, personal account that makes history human – and these volumes unique. Each of the three books is close to 120,000 words in length with approximately 300 black and white and color images, per volume, from around the world, interspersed throughout – many never seen before. It is the culmination of Tim’s research and interviews conducted for over 26 years and written over the last six years and covers from 1923 through 1979. Tim was my guest back in June of 2015 and you may know him from his time on TV on the original Mickey Mouse Club, Shaggy Dog, My Three Sons, and many more. His son Chris, CEO of CXC Simulations, has also been a guest here on Cars Yeah.


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