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Ilko Nechev is the Advertising Director for the Porsche Club of America’s monthly magazine Panorama. Panorama serves over 80,000 members of the PCA in an award-winning format and has been published since 1955. Ilko was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to the United States when he was 18 years old. He settled in New York City and became infatuated with the car culture in the USA. He joined the Porsche Club of America and purchased his first Porsche over 15 years ago, a 944 Turbo and today he drives a 993 and 997 of the iconic 911. He’s heavily involved with the Club and has helped to more than double the PCA’s advertising revenues as part of the team. He joins a group of past Cars Yeah guest from the PCA including Robb Sass, the Panorama Editor and Vu Nguyen the Executive Director of the PCA.

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