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Michael Zarnock is an American author and columnist, who writes collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Accessories. He is also the current producer/editor and host of “Hot Wheels TV” on YouTube and is the Senior Contributing Editor at Die Cast Magazine. Michael's knowledge and his massive Hot Wheels collection of approximately 30,000 vehicles has earned him notoriety around the world. He has authored14 books, numerous chapters in other books, and hundreds of magazine articles about Hot Wheels Toy Cars and Accessories. Mike has twice held  the“Guinness World Record” Hot Wheels Collection, he has earned the most distinguished label: "One of the world’s leading Hot Wheels authorities."Michaels massive collection, world notoriety and World Records have also raised him to an elite new level of collecting as only a handful of collectors around the world have been classified as a “Super Collector”!

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