Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Magnus Walker’s love affair with Porsche began when he was 10 years old during a trip to the 1977 London Motor Show. In 1986 at the age of 19 he moved to Los Angeles and started his own line of clothing. That led to the acquisition of a warehouse in downtown L.A., his first Porsche, club racing, and an ever-expanding collection of vintage Porsches that he often customized in an outlaw style. His builds started gaining attention and when he produced the video Urban Outlaw things really started to accelerate. Magnus is not your stereotypical Porsche owner and there’s nothing typical about Magnus. He has an online Urban Outlaw store, a blog, a website, videos, he’s been a speaker on Ted Talks, and he travels all over the world driving Porsches and expanding his reach to fans everywhere. Today we’ll be talking about his new and first book, Dirt Don't Slow You Down.

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