Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Pack Fancher is the Founder of Spookstock Foundation, a group that raises money through donations, for the surviving dependents of fallen shadow warriors via the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Pack and his team have come up with a unique fund raising effort to help fallen CIA and Special Operations personnel by building a unique automobile they call the Donovan Car. His International teammates are: Jesse Gonzalez from Street Toys of Juarez, Mexico who is the Chief builder of the Donovan Car. Michael Lightbourn is the Coordinator of the Donovan Car build and owner of MegLite Enterprises in El Paso, Texas. Sam Hard, the sponsor liaison owns Hard Up Garage in the United Kingdom. This November the car will be at SEMA and then in January the car will be auctioned off during Barrett Jackson’s Arizona event to raise monies to help Spookstock Foundation’s beneficiaries.

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