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Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu is an avid vintage racer who has run on tracks around the world. He was a very good friend of Max Balchowsky, the builder of the legendary 1959 Old Yeller II Buick Special. Ernie has owned and raced that very same car for over 28 years. Old Yeller has been raced around the world by Ernie and with the exception of a three year rest, that car has raced continuously since it was built. He raced Formula Fords in the 1980s in SCCA and started historic racing a 1964 Shelby Cobra CS 2203 with a Le Mans Hardtop over 35 years ago including important International Historic racing events. He also races the legendary SCCA E Production “Kilpatrick” Porsche Speedster. Ernie’s career as a dentist in Las Angeles spanned decades, he is a writer and he’s written a cookbook, “Foods of the Kingdom of Bhutan” for which he received numerous awards.

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