Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Dr. Jim Lowe is an over-achieving yet unassuming Neurosurgeon, adventurer, and family man who has spent his life pursuing challenges of person and professional levels. He has chronicled his experiences in a series of blogs and email recollections that he has woven together in his entertaining book, World’s Fastest Neurosurgeon. He earned his degree from Harvard, served 30 years in the Marine Corps (Oorah!) and he is a surfer, competitive snowboarder, golfer, and little league coach. Jim’s ultimate athletic aspirations come in the demanding world of top-tier sports car racing. Spanning nearly a decade Jim’s run 200 mph purpose-built prototype race cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the high banks of Daytona International Speedway. His racing has been a lesson in perseverance, chasing dreams, life balance, and setting goals.

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