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Syd Mead is a designer, an artist and a futurist whose career spans five plus decades of creativity and vision. He started at the Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Design Studio and then traveled the world illustrating books, catalogues, and product design for a wide variety of corporate entities. He created architectural renderings for most of the best firms and then moved in to the motion picture industry where he designed and illustrated for iconic films. In 2016 the Visual Effects Society awarded Syd their top honor as Visual Futurist. His first love is transportation design and Syd’s art and design can be found around the world. His latest book, the Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist will be available in September, 2017 through Titan Publications. His autobiography is in the works as well titled A Future Remembered. This June Syd will receive a lifetime design achievement award at the Eleanor Ford estate in Grosse Point Shores, Michigan during the Eyes On Design Collector Car Show.

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