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Keith Kaucher is an automotive designer and the owner of Kaucher Kustoms in Santa Monica, California. He has designed more than 60 custom cars ranging from a 1936 De Soto Airflow to a 2009 Camaro. He creates custom automobiles for clients around the world. He’s designed many wheels from aftermarket to OEM including the 2004 Mustang Bullit. The first of his designs he took to the Grand National Roadster show in 2006 won first place for Best Post War Hardtop Traditional Custom. Since then he’s earned numerous awards and trophies for his car designs. His latest car is the 1960 Buick named “Lectrafied” and it won the 2016 Grand National Roadster Show. When you ask Keith which of the cars he’s designed are his favorites you’ll hear him say, “My next design...”.

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