Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

This past year we lost 8 of the Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™ that appeared on Cars Yeah. All made their great impact on the automotive world and will be missed by family, friends, and anyone who had the honor of knowing them. Their voices will forever be recorded to enjoy here on Cars Yeah.


Bob Ingram –  “Be Yourself”

Alex Finigan – “Buy the best car you can afford.”

Peter Vincent – “Find your passion and do it. Enjoy what you’re doing. Never stop learning.”

Reeves Callaway – “Always try and be grateful for the people you know and have been influenced by.”

Paul DaCruz – “If you are selling a car, buy a new set of floor mats. It will make a big difference to the buyer.”

Peter Mullin – “Think carefully before you restore a car. It’s only original once.”

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